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Dataw Island Rentals

For more information, please contact Property Management by Heidi at (843) 838-4243. Dataw Island is situated in a beautiful natural setting and is located only 6 miles from downtown Beaufort, SC. Enjoy the privacy and security of a gated residential community with membership access to two professional golf courses, dry storage marina, indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center, tennis courts and walking paths. Unfurnished and furnished homes on the marsh and golf […]

Lowcountry Chameleon | Carolina Anole

All around the Lowcountry, especially in the summer, trees, bushes, and shrubs are filled with little green and brown lizards scampering around.  Although mistakenly called chameleons, it’s actually closer to being an iguana than a chameleon.  The Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis),  is a small lizard, ranging from 2 inches up to about 6 inches, including a tail that can be as long as the body or longer.  Like chameleons, they […]

Yellowfin Tuna

YELLOWFIN TUNA (Thunnus albacres) OTHER NAMES: Allison Tuna, Ahi RANGE: All Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. HABITAT: The open seas, but frequently near dropoffs. DESCRIPTION: Distinguishing the Yellowfin Tuna from the Blackfin or Bigeye is sometimes difficult as many visual features are similar. Finlets of the Yellowfin are yellow, trimmed in black. Gold stripe along side. Light underside usually shows spots and/or wavy lines. Second dorsal and anal fins […]