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American Sniper

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The Boy Next Door

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General Stephen Bull - 1305 Bay Street, Beaufort SC

Built in: 1910 General Stephen Bull, a contemporary of “Tuscarora Jack” Barnwell, built a one-story cottage on this lot because he feared that a two-story structure could not withstand the strong winds and storms of the area. The present house, built on the original foundations in the early 1900s is surrounded by a fine well-preserved cast-iron fence reportedly made from Swedish ore. The lovely garden in the rear of the […]

Beaufort Arsenal Museum And Visitor's Center

The Beaufort Arsenal Museum is located on 713 Craven Street in Beaufort, South Carolina. Many relics of nature, war and early industry are housed there. Once an arsenal, this building was constructed in 1798 of brick and tabby. Construction of the Beaufort Arsenal was begun in 1795 and was completed by 1799. Construction was entrusted to Col. Thomas Talbird. The building had deteriorated substantially by 1852, when the Beaufort Volunteer […]

Why South Carolina Girls are the Best in the World

South Carolina Girls are the Best in the World- that goes without saying right?   Still, we couldn’t resist bragging a bit! How many of these southern virtues do you notice in your friends and loved ones? We would love to expand this list, so comment below with more reasons why SC Girls are the Best in the World.   1) South Carolina Girls Are Not Afraid to Get Dirty A […]

Southern Phrase Guide - Sayings that You Will Hear in the South

TV shows set in the South are all the rage nowadays- even the vampires in True Blood are a little more friendly when speaking with a southern twang. We love hearing some of our beloved phrases repeated by the Belles on Hart of Dixie. Only Southerners can dress up a condescending remark to sound like a compliment. Other expressions employ literary devices like hyperbole or a good simile, showing our […]

Confederate Rose

Currently blooming in Beaufort (October): the Confederate Rose has a story behind it. According to, “One story relates that the Confederate rose was in bloom during a particularly bloody battle of the Civil War. A slain soldier fell beside a Confederate rose, and his blood spilled into the ground at the base of shrub. The flowers, which had started out white in the morning, absorbed the slain soldier’s blood […]