Atlantic Spadefish

ATLANTIC SPADEFISH (Chaetodipterus faber) OTHER NAMES: Striped Angelfish, Chrivita Chiva

RANGE: All Florida coasts, the Bahamas and Caribbean.

HABITAT: Likes a variety of structure, from mangroves to corals. Common around navigation markers and pilings in deep channels and sometimes well offshore.

DESCRIPTION: Deep, rounded body. First rays of posterior, dorsal and anal fin are long and pointed. Color: black vertical bands on a grayish white background. Bands may be vague or almost missing in large specimens.

SIZE: Averages 2-3 pounds; occasionally tops 10. World record 14 pounds.


GAME QUALITIES: Difficult to hook, but a strong, Jack-like fighter.

TACKLE AND BAITS: Spinning and plug casting tackle. Though Spadefish are taken on shrimp, and sometimes on cut fish, they are usually picky biters. Their natural diet is heavy on jellyfish.


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