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Autumn Temperatures in the Lowcountry

How cold is “Cold” to you? At Beaufort Online, our staff has been living in Beaufort for most (if not all) of our lives. So when the temperature drops below 60, we tend to get out the coats. Between the months of November and March, It is usually easy to tell a visitor to our town […]

Beaufort Arsenal Museum And Visitor's Center

The Beaufort Arsenal Museum is located on 713 Craven Street in Beaufort, South Carolina. Many relics of nature, war and early industry are housed there. Once an arsenal, this building was constructed in 1798 of brick and tabby. Construction of the Beaufort Arsenal was begun in 1795 and was completed by 1799. Construction was entrusted […]

Experience Beaufort SC – Video

Three-hundred years of history continues in beautiful Beaufort, SC. Our beaches at Hunting Island are scattered with shells and shark teeth just waiting for a passerby to make the discovery on a hazy summer day. Kayakers paddle along the sea wall and nod to the children who are waving at them from the wooden swings […]

Sleeping on a Park Swing

As a student at USCB, I found myself between classes with time to kill. Instead of sitting at a booth in the unfriendly and unaccommodating student lounge area or reading in the library,  I would often find myself walking a few blocks to the Henry C Chambers Waterfront Park. The Waterfront Park is almost always […]

My Family’s Favorite Spots in Beaufort

I hear people ask me all the time, “What is there to do in Beaufort?” I will admit that for some locals, the town of Beaufort, SC, isn’t as “hopping” as some towns- until recreation time hits. My family usually has a few spots we try to focus on. Hunting Island Beach and Lighthouse As […]

Fishing Forecast for September

Fishing Forecast Beaufort, SC By this time of the year the water temperature has warmed up significantly and the fishing season is in full swing. July fishing can be summed up in two words, “mixed bag”. There is so much to catch this time of year and the days are so long you may never […]

Ever Heard of 'Possum on the Half-Shell?

I remember camping on Cumberland Island, right off the coast in southern Georgia, and getting surprised by a family of armadillos.  I was in my hammock, surrounded by thickets of saw palmetto that were only divided by leaf covered paths.  In the middle of the night, I heard a rustling in the leaves and thickets […]

It's Bluebird Time Again, Y'all!

Well, it seems like our winter has been sporadic and hints of spring keep popping up here and there with 70 degree temperatures and beautiful days.  Along with the warm temperatures, we’re not the only ones getting spring fever.  Our bluebirds are pairing up and starting their spring cleaning in bluebird houses across the Lowcountry. […]

William Wigg Barnwell House – 501 King Street, Beaufort SC

Built in: 1816 As recently as January, 1973, this house was slated for demolition. Through the intervention of Historic Beaufort Foundation several stays were granted and in September, 1973, it was moved from its original location at the southwest corner of Prince and Scott Streets to its present site. The twelve room town house is […]