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Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as it is known, is a growing sport. Because of the mixture of martial arts in MMA, this style allows for a very realistic method of self-defense while being well-rounded enough to compete on many levels. Beaufort Martial Arts Academy is the first and the foremost school in Beaufort, SC for instructing mixed martial arts.

We not only teach for self-defense, but also for fitness, and also for competition (including mma, submission grappling, and kick boxing). Our classes are great for adults and for children and we start teaching our PeeWee Zanshindo class at three years of age.

Our Beginner and Advanced Youth Zanshindo / MMA classes range in ages from 6 to 13 years old and teach the fundamentals of our style: Zanshindo, while giving the students a complete mixed martial arts experience.

For adults, our mixed martial arts classes are the ultimate in realism. These classes teach adults the value of technique as well as the endurance necessary to finish with the determination to get through any attack.

By Sensei Abe Stem

Beaufort Martial Arts Academy

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