Beaufort’s Kazoo Factory

The Kazoo Factory, a.k.a. Kazoobie Kazoos hosted two back-to-back field trips today for kindergarten children from St. Helena Early Education. Production manager and tour guide, Melody Toombs, gave the children a demonstration of different kazoos that have been played throughout American history. She was given a hearty round of applause from the children after each instrument.

A short film was also presented to explain the history of the kazoo. The idea came from Alabama Vest, an African-American man from

Plastic Kazoo Injection Mold
Plastic Kazoo Injection Mold

Macon, GA, and the first one was created by a German clock maker named Thaddeus Von Clegg. Alabama Vest & Thaddeus first introduced what they called the “down south submarine” at the 1852 Georgia State Fair. Following the film, Melody asked the kids a few “test” questions: “Where did Alabama and Thaddeus first show the kazoo to the public?” A practical young student answered, “At Chuck E. Cheese.” The rest is history.

Field TripThe children were given their choice of kazoo pieces to assemble and were allowed to proceed with an enthusiastic, five-minute humming practice. A teacher, Nichole Sferlazzo, judiciously collected the instruments before the bus ride back to school. Nichole says that the children were studying for Black History Month, and the field trip to the Kazoo Factory was decided upon because the instrument was invented by an African-American.

Kazoobie Kazoos, located at 12 John Galt Road, is the only plastic kazoo factory in the United States. They sell almost a million kazoos every year and ship them all over the world. The molds are made in Clearwater, FL, and assembled and stamped right here in Beaufort. In the factory, they have a capping station where the polyethylene plastic resonator is inserted in the tower, and the cap is added and locked in place under a tiny plastic bump by using a compressor. They can cap about 500 kazoos in 45 minutes. A hot dye imprint machine (596 degrees) is used to stamp logos and images on the kazoos.  To finish up, the semi-automatic bagger individually seals each kazoo in a plastic bag- 500 kazoos in 20 minutes! Also available for visitors to enjoy is a gift shop and a museum of kazoo memorabilia and history.

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