Chris Jones Featured Artist By Lowcountry Encore Magazine

Lowcountry Encore Magazine Featured Artist Chris Jones- Special Water Festival Edition

Most people in the area already know who Chris Jones  is but incase you have missed the opportunity to meet Chris Jones, here is a quick glimpse of this very talented man.

Chris is regarded as one of the most talented finger style guitarists here in the low country.  Inspiration for Chris includes Chet Atkins, Doyle Dykes, and Tommy Emmanuel. Chris’ rockabilly style complimented with his ability to Travis pick makes him one of the most unique entertainers we have ever seen.

Chris is best known for his main pride of joy, the “Disastercaster”, which is a one of a kind double neck guitar/bass with 4 three position switches and a synthesizer/ midi controller. Master guitar builder Diamond Mailand custom built this guitar for Chris that allows him to produce the sounds of not only an acoustic guitar but also a bass and electric guitar. The “Disastercaster” can electronically produce and unlimited amount of sounds  that include harpsichord, organ and drums. One device but thousands of possibilities, the “Disastercaster” is almost as unique as Chris himself.

Chris is known as a “one man band” and sometimes you have to check to make sure that there are not 5 more people on stage with him. He can layer his voice and music by using a device that is called a “boomerang” which can record the different sounds he is capable of producing into a fantastic melody lacking nothing.

Chris’ musical talent continues to show his ability to play the trumpet, harmonica, baritone ukulele, tenor and many more brass instruments as well as percussion.

If you were not already impressed, did we mention he can sing as well? Chris plays almost anything covering just about any genre and takes us through numerous decades of great music.

With this talent and technology, Chris has the ability to sing us the Texas blues, make us want to shag and swing and with a little Motown sound, make us want to dance all night.

Chris received his first guitar, a fender, at the age of ten and practiced hours at a time learning everyone from  Jimi Hendrix to Waylon Jennings.

When Chris is not making his music, he is spending time with his family or at church worshiping.

We had the pleasure of watching Chris perform at Hecklers Unique Sports Bar by accident on Wing Wednesday. We were supposed to be quick but became so mesmerized by his ability and talent that we stayed and enjoyed his musicality for hours. Earlier, the gentleman next to us stated “No one man should have that much talent but it explains my lack of it because he must have taken all of mine”. Agreed.

We decided to look up this talented man and found him at which included his schedule. We made notes of the many places he plays here in Beaufort and Hilton Head. Next Stop for us…..Luther’s Rare and Well Done!


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