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Fishing Artificial Reefs & Wrecks

Reef Name

Loran Setting


Steering Directions

Consists of…


Betsy Ross Reef C-45504.1/61061.9   Unmarked single ship bearing 105/8.4 nm from Port Royal channel entrance buoy "2PR." 430′ Liberty ship and five steel swing bridge sections. 90′
Eagle’s Nest Reef C-45522.8/61121.3   1 buoy marks reef, bearing 133/5.5 nm from Port Royal sea buoy "2PR." Two 115′ LCUs, one 65′ tugboat and concrete reef units. 60′
Edisto Nearshore Reef C-45530.0/60730.0   1 buoy marks reef, bearing 090/1.5nm from N. Edisto channel buoy "2NE." Two 150′ deck barges and 30′ miscellaneous concrete. 30′
Edisto Offshore Reef C-45382.7/60692.2   Unmarked reef, bearing 158/23.5nm from Stono Inlet. Two sunken ships, one large steel deckhouse and one shrimp boat. 65-70′
Edisto Fourty C-45534.3/60815.2   1 buoy marks reef, bearing 209/6.5nm concrete from N. Edisto channel buoy "2NE." 1200 tons of misc. 45′
Edisto Sixty C-45483.8/60780.0   1 buoy marks reef, bearing 167/10.5nm from N. Edisto channel buoy "2NE." concrete Three 50′ swing bridge sections, a 338 steel-hulled ship and misc. 65′
Fish America C-45617.8/61179.28   2 buoys mark reef, bearing 279/5.0 nm from PortRoyal Sound channel buoy "9." Concrete bridge railings and reef 400 tons of concrete pipe placed in rows between the buoys. 5-9′
Fripp Island Reef C-45546-1/60968.8   1 buoy marks reef, bearing 140/5.8nm from Fripp Inlet. 50,000 auto tires, a 100 barge, numerous steel structures and 200 concrete Reef balls. 30-35′
Hilton Head Reef C-45548.1/61178.4   2 buoys mark reef, bearing 195/5.0nm from Port Royal sea buoy "2PR." 8,000 tires, several barges two 55′ LCMs and a 60′ tugboat. 38-55′
Hunting Island Reef C-45525.2/60965.1   1 buoy marks reef, bearing 144/8.5nm from Fripp Inlet. Barges and 30,000 tires. 35-50′
Kiawah Reef (4KI) C-45493.1/60693.6   2 buoys mark reef, bearing 115/6.5nm from N. Edisto Inlet buoy "2NE." Large drydock, L.C. U. , barge, pontoons, 30,000 ries and various vessels. 20-40′
Paradise Pier Reef   Adjacent to Paradise Fishing Pier on the Southern end of Hunting Island in Fripp Inlet. Several hundred pieces of concrete culvert pipe and 2000 bushels of oyster shells.  
Parris Island Reef C-45669.2/61130.5   1 buoy marks reef, located in Broad River sections. Between Parris Island and Daws Island. Several concrete bridge 15-40′
White Water Reef C-45613.7/61242.2   1 buoy marks reef, bearing 255/8.5 nm from PortRoyal sea buoy "2PR." 100 concrete reef structures, two 130′ barges and misc. steel structures. 30′
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