If you are looking for a new landscaping service in Beaufort SC or are looking to put your own green thumb to use, you may want to familiarize yourself with the terms below. This will help you and your gardener or home improvement center salesperson know what you want for your yard or garden.


A plant that germinates, blooms, fruits and dies in the course of one year.

Bedding Plant

Foliage or an ornamental plant suited for habit by growing in beds or masses.


A plant that requires two seasons of growth to produce its flowers and fruit and then dies after the second year.

Botanical Name

The Latin or “scientific” name for a plant, usually composed of two words, the genus and the species.


A term commonly used for a whole category of spring or summer-blooming perennial plants that may grow from underground stems, corms, rhizomes, tubers, and tuberous roots.


A mass of decomposed, rotted organic matter (such as yard and garden wastes.)


A plant that drops its leaves in winter and resprouts in spring.


A plant that holds some foliage throughout the year.

Ground Cover

Low-growing, usually spreading plants that, when planted close together, form a layer of uniform foliage.

Hardening off

The process of gradually acclimating greenouse- or indoor-grown plants to outdoor growing conditions.


The ability of a plant to withstand low temperatures without artifical protection. Hardiness zone maps divide the world into climatic zones, based on average winter minimum temperatures.


A cross between any two plants that are not genetically the same. Hybrids rarely breed true.

Native Plant

A plant that occurs naturally in a specific region or locality.


Plant varieties that have the ability to cross-pollinate among themselves by natural means and produce plants that resemble the parent variety.


A plant that renews its top growth seasonally and lives year after year.

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