George Mosse Stoney House – 500 Port Republic Street, Beaufort SC

Built in: 1823
Rebuilt in: 1840

In the John Campbell painting of 1798 a house is shown on this lot. Purchased by Dr. George Mosse Stoney, a physician, the earlier house was replaced to please his wife, Sarah Barnwell. Previous accounts have placed the construction of the house circa 1823, while visible details and Greek Revival motifs suggest either construction circa 1840 or a major rebuilding then. The District Tax Commission map of 1862 shows the house in the ownership of Mrs. S. B. Stoney. An exposed beam in the rear upper hall indicates that the house was originally one room deep. Also found in recent remodeling were hand-forged nails, mortised corners of clapboard and wooden pegs in sills. The present house is beautifully proportioned with upper and lower porches on three sides, each supported by fourteen Doric columns and each finished with denticulated trim on the roof lines.

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