"Little Taj" – 401 King Street, Beaufort SC

Built in: 1856

This site belonged to Rhodes family before Civil War. In a conveyance dated 1860, John J. Rhodes refers to Block 17, on which the property is located, as “the Mill”. The present house now looks out towards a tidal basin which before the Civil War was much larger than today, one channel then extending in front of the site to the east and west. The construction date most often cited for the property is 1856, however unconfirmed sources suggest it may have been standing in 1823 when a Miss Jane Bond was married from the house to Henry McKee, for whom 511 Prince Street (the Robert Smalls House) was built.A typical Beaufort small house, it was built to take full advantage of all breezes with porches at the front on both floors, and small wings to bring the breezes into the rear rooms. Cutting into the rear wall recently to relocate an air conditioner, it was found the corner supports of the house are limbs of trees about six inches in diameter that were not sawed. The name “Little Taj” appears to be a modern association referring to the reflection of the house in the pool across the road.

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