SPOT (Leiostomus xanthurus) OTHER NAMES: Spotted Croaker, Mizzouki Croaker

RANGE: Common on Atlantic Coast, except south of Palm Beach County. Also found in lesser numbers along most of the Gulf Coast.

HABITAT: Very common in the surf, also bays and inlets.

DESCRIPTION: Easily distinguished from other Croakers and similar panfish by its forked tail and prominent spot behind the gill cover. Brassy color with wavy or mottled lines above; fading to white on underside.

SIZE: Averages 6-8 inches; rarely reaches one pound.

FOOD VALUE: One of the most popular panfish.

GAME QUALITIES: Spirited panfish.

TACKLE AND BAITS: Light spinning tackle, small hooks, pieces of cut fish, squid or shrimp. Croakers Combo Guide


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