"The Light" – The Ongoing Story (Part 1)

“DRIVE FASTER, HURRY UP!” Shannon yells while looking behind them. Brenda put the gas pedal to the floor as she observes the light getting closer in the rearview mirror.

“TURN!” screams Tina from the backseat. Shannon is a ghostly white and holding on for dear life as the car starts skidding toward the oak tree. It all seemed to be in slow motion as the impact occurred. Brenda lays limp across the steering wheel and an eerie silence overcomes Shannon as she looks around for the thing that cause this to happen to them. She turns and faces Tina who is still in shock and they wonder if they should move Brenda or not. They both start to cry.


The drive to Beaufort proved to be more beautiful than Shannon remembered. She could smell the marsh miles before she ever could see it even though it had been over twenty years since she had been here. Shannon had moved away to pursue her dream of writing mystery novels and in 2009, she published her third best seller. Now, she was here, and inspired to write about “The Light” from her old home town. Since that night in     October of 1986, she had no doubts that it did exist but was on a mission to explain it and find out what it is. Somehow she felt there must be an explanation.

Shannon pulls into the driveway of her childhood home and notices that it was exactly how she remembered it, nothing had changed. Her father greeted her with hugs and helped her bring in her luggage. After many minutes of relaxing, a cup of coffee, and a lot of small talk, she unpacks her luggage and tries to develop a plan for    tomorrow. She needs to go pick up Tina whom she had reconnected with on Facebook in the previous months.

Tina was very happy to hear from Shannon and even more interested in finding out what exactly was the light of lands End. What did they see, what did they            experience that awful night? Tina had not ever returned to Lands End since 1986 and was still wondering if she should. She knew reminiscing with Shannon about the good old days would be nice, so she agrees to tag along.

The next morning, Shannon awakes in the house she once knew so well. For just a moment, she stepped back in time and recalled spending hours on her hair to get that big 80’s hairstyle. She chuckles to herself and       proceeded to get dressed. Knowing the high this summer day would be near 100 degrees; she slips on a pair of shorts, sleeveless shirt, and pulls her hair into a ponytail.

Shannon picked up Tina and they both headed out to Lands End. On the way, Shannon and Tina could not resist playing tourist and stopping at the little shops in the Gullah Community. They stood and watched an   older lady basket weave sweet grass on the oversized southern porch.

“Fort Fremont-here we come”, said Tina as she jumped into the passenger seat. Shannon noticed that everything looked different. Thank goodness for aGPSor they would have never found the Fort at all. The first thing they both noticed, the fence surrounding the Fort. There have been many changes to Fort Fremont in the last few years as Beaufort County has purchased the property and it is now protected. The graffiti, however, still       remains present. They begin to walk around the Fort and armed with a flashlight, chose to enter the darkness. An eerie creepy feeling overcomes both of them apparent by the chill bumps and raised hair on their arms. This is a familiar feeling of so many years ago and they both start recalling the last time they were here.


“That is SO not funny guys!” Tina yells at the guys as they disappear. Shannon, Tina and Brenda were holding hands trying to find their way back out of the fort since the guys had run off with the flashlight. It was so dark they could not see anything. Shannon could not help but wonder why they all we into the fort so deep and if they would be able to find their way out. They all keep     inching on in hopes of catching a glimpse of any light source. None of the girls would say it but they all were very scared of the dark but more importantly, this place.


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