Beaufort is full of history- About Beaufort,SC

Founded in 1711, Beaufort is located between Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. Downtown Beaufort has a very beautiful historic district as you would expect being the second oldest town in South Carolina. The culture and beauty of Beaufort has brought many people to the area and those who leave seem to always come home.

Beaufort is located in Beaufort County. This area is known as the Lowcountry with the highest elevation at 40ft above sea level. The county consists of hundreds of barrier and sea islands. The marshland provides a great place for the ecosystem to continue to thrive, helping the fish continue to reproduce. This is not your typical Florida beach feeling as the locals preserve and cherish the marshlands and do not import sand to cover it. There are sandy beaches for your family to visit but we do let nature take its course as you will see from the erosion occurring at Hunting Island State Park.

Beaufort is also well known for films and movies.  The Great Santini, Forrest Gump, The Prince of Tides, GI Jane, The Big Chill, Rules of Engagement, Gone Fishing, The Jungle Book, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Forces of Nature, Something to Talk About, The Generals Daughter, The War, and many more.

As a local I must say, there are some really great actors and actresses that walk the street among us. They are so many stories to share about the kind deeds of many of the stars. Tom Hanks is one of my personal favorites. Us locals will be happy to share with you the good and the bad stories of the stars. Thanks to one of the “bad” stars, the sign outside the Marine Corps Air Station has more meaning to the locals than the person that reads it…. Ask a local when you come, the story is great.

Beaufort is home to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island. There are graduations from boot camp on a regular basis bringing many families to the area for this reason alone. Once they discover the beauty of this area, they tend to return.  Growing up here in Beaufort as a teen I wanted out, wanted the big city. I left only to find myself as I matured that I never really knew how beautiful it was. I never appreciated the culture, the smell of the salty marsh, the oak lined streets, the lack of nightclubs, oyster roasts and so much more. I see it in different eyes now and hope you can see what I can now.

Whether you enjoy fishing in the Atlantic or just swinging on your porch, there is something for everyone. We have some very nice local places to eat, many bed and breakfasts  to sleep and our water is our playground. Enjoy your visit or enjoy Beaufort South Carolina for the rest of your life.

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