Our Beaufort waters offer some of the best family fishing fun. It’s not really about what’s biting; it’s about what you want to catch- and the coastal waters of Beaufort have it all. Redfish in particular is one of the local favorites and can be caught just about any time of the year. Catching these inshore native fish is a ton of fun, and you don’t need a ton of gear to catch ’em. All you need is a bit of time, a fishing pole, bait and some good shoes.

Angling in deeper waters demands a bit more gear, but a few hours in Beaufort’s shin-deep local tidal flats will be remembered as a rewarding fishing adventure. Watch for movement in the water and “tailing,” as Redfish dine on small fiddler crabs for lunch. Throw a line with a fiddler, and it may just earn your lunch!

According to the South Carolina Department of Natural resources web site, “No hunting or fishing license or permit required until person reaches age 16.” For the rest of us, the saltwater fishing license rates are reasonably priced for both residents and non-residents. For residents, a 14 day saltwater fishing license is $5.00, an annual license is $10.00 and a 3-year license is $30.00.  For non-residents, a 14 day salt water fishing license is $11.00. For more detailed fishing license fees, please visit the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources web site. A license may be obtained from any of the Beaufort County License Agents.  For more information or to obtain your license online, click here to visit the SC Department of Natural Resources


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