Bread Takes the Cake

During a visit to the Beaufort Farmers Market on West Street at Craven, you may hear an invitation: “Would you like to try a piece? No calories over here!” She is called the “Bread Lady” or “Cake Lady,” and nobody deserves these titles more than Jannie Smith, proprietor of Jannie’s Breads: “Mixed Pleasantries from My Kitchen to Yours.” Many people recognize her by the straw hat with the leopard-print band. Her booth features a mouth-watering selection of bread spanning the large table along with a platter of samples including banana nut, apple cinnamon, mango, key lime, pumpkin, peaches n’ cream and chocolate earthquake. Peaches n’ cream seems to be the favorite overall, and the recipe for every flavor is her own creation. The key lime was popular on Bay Street, which was the market’s former location. A tour guide would give Jannie a shout-out as she returned with carriages full of tourists. After five tours recommending the key lime, it was the first flavor to sell out.

Jannie has been selling her bread at farmers markets for four years, starting in Port Royal. She hosts a booth at four markets per week always selling bread baked that day. When asked how much she goes through ingredients, her answer is “a lot!” In other words, “too much to keep track of,” she implies with wide-eyed expressiveness.

I wonder where she has the time, but Jannie is also the owner of Jannie’s Kitchen Catering Solutions. She is official: USDA certified with over 25 years of experience. Events range from cooking regular family dinners for customers to wedding catering. You can find Jannie at Beaufort Farmers Market on Wednesday from 3-7pm or the Port Royal market on Saturday from 8:30-12:00pm.

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