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Contrary to what Kermit the Frog declares, it is easy being green; Harry Boody was “green” before “green” was cool.  He started his green business, Energy Innovations by Harry Boody more than 30 years ago. The company started with two main ambitions, to make homes energy efficient and then guarantee it.

Harry is a graduate from Piedmont Aerospace Institute in 1973.  He dreamed of a career with NASA; unfortunately, this was when the space program was slowing. This left him with no other choice but to pursue another career, so he then accepted an engineering position with WFMY-TV in Greensboro, NC.

In the midst of the 1970s energy crisis, Harry and his wife purchased what was then known as an Energy Efficient Structure (EES). Soon after they discovered that the promises issued of lower energy bills were just empty promises. After move-in, their utility bills were triple what they had been estimated, leaving them no choice but adjust the thermostat back to a less desirable level.

“This made me furious,” exclaimed Harry. Disgusted with the situation, he spent the next few years studying and researching existing heating and air conditioning methods, as well as designing better insulation systems. He concluded “that if the heating and air cooling system design could match the load of a house, you’d have a truly energy efficient home.”

Boody became so involved in proving his theories that he took a leave of absence from his daily job to begin testing his methods. He also convinced a co-worker to allow him to design a system for energy reduction (under $15 a month) in her new construction, 1,600 SF home prior to completion. From this first test, Energy Innovations, Inc. was born.

Over the past thirty years Energy Innovations has designed more than two thousand energy efficient systems for homes and buildings in 13 states. “I use a Total Systems Design Approach to analyze the energy usage in a home or building with strategies to provide a remarkable improvement in indoor air quality and comfort,” explains Boody.

David E. Klett, PhD, PE, a recently retired, Ford Distinguished, Professor of Mechanical Engineering said: Boody has developed a keen appreciation for the importance of analyzing a building as a complete system, since nearly every aspect of a building’s design impacts its energy performance. Nobody in the field of building energy science is more conscientious and consumer oriented than Boody and few know as much as he does about what it takes to make a building perform as it should. I am so confident in his abilities that I hired him to design the heating and cooling system for my own home. I am qualified by education and training to have done it myself, but I know that Harry can do it better by virtue of the enormous experience he has gained through the design and implementation of thousands of successful energy efficient HVAC systems.

Not only are his homes and buildings more energy efficient, but most importantly, there is a remarkable difference in the air quality of these structures. All of his systems use an Energy Recovery Ventilation system along with an Air Purifier system to ensure all of his clients with allergy and breathing difficulties notice an immediate improvement in their lifestyles.

Homeowners who install an Energy Innovations designed system can expect up to two-thirds off the cost of their energy bills. In the “Phase One Analysis” he will determine the maximum-estimated cost of heating and cooling the home. If the price ever goes above his estimate within the next 10 years, he will personally pay the bill. He also guarantees the home will be mold and mildew free for the same 10 years.

Boody has also developed a system to retro fit existing homes; however, more substantial savings can be realized when the system is incorporated into the original design and construction of new construction. Every detail is considered, including window and door types and directional orientation, and the actual building system being utilized.

Because of the high quality of the materials used and the labor intensive computer calculations, the initial cost can be expected to be higher than conventional systems. However, his individual analysis will show remarkable monthly savings that could quickly make up for the higher initial monthly amortized cost.

Over the years Boody has designed home HVAC systems for such well-known people as Joe Gibbs–former Hall of Fame Washington Redskins coach and NASCAR owner–as well as other NASCAR greats such as Dale Jarrett and Ernie Irvin, Richard Childress, Terry & Bobby LaBonte and many others. He also designed the system for the largest private home in North Carolina, a 40,000+ SF residence built by a restaurant chain owner. He has received several international awards from ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers). He has also received the Governor’s Energy Achievement Award, twice.

I was fortunate enough to meet Harry at one of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) conferences. Always being interested in energy efficiency and learning about new systems for my clients, I began to pick his brain and was soon overwhelmed by his extensive knowledge. We became good friends and I, recently, have had the opportunity to work with him on a project in the Islands of Beaufort, a local gated community.

While I was working with Mr. and Mrs. Don Randall on the design of their 6,124 ESF home in Islands of Beaufort, I suggested they look into hiring Harry. After looking through his portfolio, it was a simple decision. They hired him to do the “Phase One Analysis.” After taking everything into consideration, including looking into a few different window manufacturers, he helped them pick out the most efficient window which made for a great return on investment.

The Randall’s now have a guarantee to heat and cool their home for under $100.00 per month.  Boody has worked hand in hand with The Powell Brothers Construction and Cole Design Studio, LLC to provide inspections on the job to assure a code correct product and a smoothly run job. Boody commented that “if all the contractors were as open-minded to this technology as The Powell brothers have been, it would make all jobs a pleasure to be on.”  I have inspected the home alongside Boody and must say it has been an education I will use on all of my future designs.

My clients will benefit the most from his knowledge as we head into the future of designing energy efficient homes. The insulation and mechanical systems rough in has just been completed on the home; the difference you can see in his systems is unbelievable, even at this stage of construction. Walking through the house with the added radiant barrier, the homeowner Don Randall commented that “it looks as if you are in a space ship.” This technology is not new, but it is new to the Lowcountry.

While you might think Harry is new to the area, he is not. He is a proud former Marine who graduated from Paris Island back in 1967. I am proud to be affiliated with Harry and offer his services to my clients through Cole Design Studio, LLC.

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As the new IECC (International Energy Conservation Codes) take effect 2013, you will see a change in the design and construction of new homes. It will fall to your residential designers, architects, and contractors to make sure you get the home you should. Make sure to ask if they are familiar with the code changes and what kind of savings you can see if they are followed.

Why not be ahead of the curve and cut your energy bill in half now? With energy costs where they are and continuing to rise, having a total home energy efficient system is a must. More importantly, you must demand the air quality you need for a healthy and happy life. If you are interested in finding out more information on Harry’s Total Systems Design Approach or having your HVAC system designed by Harry Boody and Energy Innovations you can call Cole Design Studio, LLC at (843) 525-1727.


Article by: Paul R. Cole, CPBD Cole Design Studio, LLC AIBD Eastern District Director

Paul is a Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD) and owner of Cole Design Studio, LLC located in Beaufort, SC.


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