State of South Carolina

Site includes governor, government, education, commerce and tourism, history, health and human services, information services, employment opportunities, state directories.

South Carolina Department of Agriculture

Oversees the administration of the South Carolina Agricultural Commodities Marketing Act. Site includes history, comments, agribusiness development, small farms program, publications, administrative, consumer and market services, laboratory services, marketing and promotion, directory, staff, news releases, commodity boards, associations, festivals, produce wholesalers, calendar, links.

South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services

Responsible for ensuring the availability of comprehensive alcohol and other drug abuse services for the citizens of the state. Site includes agency overview, services, news, training calendar, grants and funding, employment opportunities, contacts, online clearinghouse.

South Carolina Archives and History Center

Preserves and promotes the documentary and cultural heritage of South Carolina. Site includes history, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), news releases, calendar, publications, research, grants, tax incentives, programs, services, links, directory, map, comments.

South Carolina Arts Commission

Supports and develops the arts. Site includes calendar, special projects, comments, directory, employment opportunities, map, awards, grants, publications, history, copyright primer, poet readings, goals, projects, fellowships, news releases, guide to grant programs, service organizations, state art collection, links.

South Carolina Attorney General

Serves as chief prosecutor, chief attorney to the governor, legislature, and other public officials, and the voice of the people. Site includes Medicaid and insurance fraud, sex offenders registry, victim services, violence against women, missing and exploited children, deadbeat dads, youth mentor program, stop school violence, unplug the violence, awards, securities, choosing a broker, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), complaints, links.

South Carolina Office of Comptroller General

Supervises and accounts for the expenditure of all state funds. Site includes statistics, history, comments, staff, links.

South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs

Responsible for protecting, educating and representing consumers in a challenging and ever changing economy. Site includes members, history, mortgage loan broker, comments, staff, complaints, employment opportunities, consumer advocacy division, directory, automobile insurance law, fitness centers, maximum rate schedule, motor club filing, registered creditors, continuing care retirement communities, staff leasing services, athletic agent, fraud, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), lemon law, fair debt collection practices act, links.

South Carolina Department of Corrections

Protects the public by operating a safe, secure, humane, and efficient state prison system in accordance with statutory and constitutional mandates. Site includes administration, institutions, operations, health services, victim services, history, statistics, community service, visitation procedures, fugitives, news releases, director’s forum, program services, facilities, strategic plan, capital punishment, history, prison industries, employment opportunities, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), comments.

South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

Assist people with disabilities in meeting their needs, pursuing their individual possibilities and achieving their life goals; and minimize the occurrence and reduce the severity of disabilities through prevention. Site includes history, available services, directory, autism division, head and spinal cord injury, prevention and genetic services, developmental evaluations, map, comments, links.

South Carolina Board of Economic Advisors

Prepares and reviews economic forecasts and general fund revenue projections and advises the Budget and Control Board and the General Assembly on these matters. Site includes history, statistics, links.

South Carolina Department of Education

Provides leadership and services to schools and communities to enable all students, regardless of circumstances, to achieve world-class academic standards. Site includes news releases, teacher certification, statistics, student information, parent information, reports, publications, directory, calendars, test scores, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), links.

South Carolina Educational Television

Provides a statewide educational communications network. Site includes reports, members, directory, digital television, history, employment opportunities, news releases, newsletter, resources, higher education, adult education, healthcare education, general equivalency diploma, business opportunities, public services network, calendars, member benefits, satellite technical support, comments, links.

South Carolina State Election Commission

Responsible for the operation of the state’s system of voter registration. Site includes history, members, staff, employment opportunities, voter registration, elections, candidate information, directory, comments, links.

South Carolina Employment Security Commission

Dedicated to keep the state working. Site includes employer information, unemployment information, employment opportunities, training information, labor market information, history, directory, links.

South Carolina Energy Office

Promotes energy efficiency in all sectors of the state. Site includes history, publications, minutes, legislation, training, education, projects , programs, news releases, utilities, staff, software, alternative technology, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), grants, calendar, links.

South Carolina School Leader Executive Institute

The South Carolina School Leadership Executive Institute (SLEI) is a world-class initiative designed to give veteran principals the insights, knowledge, and competencies to lead South Carolina schools to success.

South Carolina Film Office

Provides information on locations, crew, and services for companies producing feature films, television movies and programs, commercials and print ads. Site includes business opportunities, tax incentives, directory, news releases, comments, links.

South Carolina Forestry Commission

Responsible for protecting and developing forest resources. Site includes news releases, calendar, training, employment opportunities, fire/burning information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), services, forest management, history, recreation, business opportunities, urban forestry, environmental education, publications, comments, links.

South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Enhances the viability of the state by improving the health and social status of the people. Site includes directory, news releases, directories, state child health plan, available programs, statistics, links.

South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

Promotes quality and efficiency in the state system of higher education with the goal of fostering economic growth and human development. Site includes members, divisions, history, newsletters, directory, statistics, management information systems, student services, staff, publications, parent and student information, links.

South Carolina Higher Education Tuitions Grants Commission

Provides undergraduate grant assistance to eligible residents attending, on a full-time basis, certain independent non-profit colleges located in the state. Site includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), staff, directory, federal financial aid information, participating independent colleges, links.

South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority

Assists low income and low-to-moderate income citizens realize the dream of a home. Site includes history, staff, employment opportunities, education and outreach program, housing programs, news releases, directory, map, publications, links.

South Carolina Office of Human Resources

Charged with the administration of human resources programs for Palmetto State employees, while also serving as a central point of contact for information regarding state employment for the citizens of the state. Site includes employment opportunities, staff, training programs, grievance and mediation program, career center, links.

South Carolina Office of Internal Operations

Part of the Budget and Control Board that provides financial, personnel, and support functions for the executive director and consolidated divisions. Site includes administration, budget, financial services, internal audit, personnel services, public assistance program, employment opportunities, links. South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority Develops business and economic welfare. Site includes history, financial programs, business opportunities, comments, links.

South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

Provides a full range of juvenile justice programs including prevention, intervention, court intake, probation and aftercare supervision, and community residential and day treatment. Site includes history, prevention and early intervention, community services, secure facilities, alternative placement, treatment services, education, victim services, news releases, comments, employment opportunities, links.

South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Assist citizens with mental disorders to improve the quality of their lives. Site includes history, directory, administration, staff, employment opportunities, services, publications, clinical information, links.

South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs

Provides the citizenry with a single point of contact for information regarding the state’s minority population. Site includes statewide black male conference summary, history, publications, mailing list, comments, links.

South Carolina State Museum

Provides science education and public cultural enrichment. Site includes admission, calendar, kid stuff, museum store, general information, directions, map, links.

South Carolina Parks and Tourism

Serves as the prime source of travel information. Site includes tourism, state parks, national parks, history, directory, calendar, golf guide, lodging, maps, news releases, statistics, links.

South Carolina Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum

Located on historic Charleston Harbor and is home to USS YORKTOWN (CV-10), the Fighting Lady. Site includes map, special interests, educational programs, volunteer programs, links.

South Carolina Department of Public Safety

Provides personal safety by enforcing the traffic laws and providing other services that help prevent highway traffic fatalities and which prevent or control crime. Site includes history, news releases, motor vehicles, highway patrol, transport police, protective services, Criminal Justice Academy, safety and grants, links.

South Carolina Public Service Commission

Regulates functions and responsibilities pertaining to the utility and transportation companies. Site includes, directory, maps, calendar, news releases, employment opportunities, publications, links.

South Carolina Santee Cooper

State-owned electric and water utility. Site includes history, news releases, employment opportunities, customer service, staff, business opportunities, environment, statistics, recreation, links.

South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind

Provides services statewide for deaf, blind, and sensory multi-disabled individuals (children and adults), their families, and the professionals who work with them. Site includes history, employment opportunities, student life, admissions, outreach/resources, academics, news releases, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), directory, bookstore, comments, newsletters, links.

South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium

A university-based network supporting research, education, and outreach to conserve coastal resources and enhance economic opportunity for the people of South Carolina. Site includes history, proposal requests, college programs, links.

South Carolina Department of Social Services

Ensures the health and safety of children and adults who cannot protect themselves, helps parents provide nurturing homes, and helps people in need of financial assistance reach their highest level of social and economic self-sufficiency. Site includes staff, history, directory, news releases, program areas, search, employment opportunities, adult services and case management, child support enforcement, family independence/welfare reform, food stamps, electronic benefits transfer, medical support, family preservation, child welfare services.

South Carolina Ninth Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office

Ensures prosecutions are processed by organizing an orderly, efficient flow of cases, assigning cases to attorneys, advising attorneys on cases assigned, monitoring status of pending cases and supervising personnel. Site includes history, directory, crime stoppers, expungements, family court, comments, legislative information, pre-trial intervention, victim witness program, links.

South Carolina State Ports Authority

Contributes to economic development by fostering and stimulating waterborne commerce and shipment of freight. Site includes history, news releases, services, terminals, future plans, technology, tariff, trade zones, community, employment opportunities, directory, links.

South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office

Provides efficient and effective banking and financial management services for state government. Site includes history, unclaimed property, links.

South Carolina Department of Transportation

Provides a safe and efficient transportation system. Site includes audit report, commission, directory, employment opportunity, statistics, maps, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), news releases, roads and bridges, business opportunities, comments, links.

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