John Conant House, The Bellamy Inn – 1106 Carteret Street, Beaufort SC

Built in: 1880

This post-bellum house with its spectacular view of the river is a fitting introduction to the Historic District. Built of clapboard and distinguished by a mansard roof, the house is two-and-one-half stories tall. Double piazzas face south. Dormer windows face north, south, east and west. Before the occupation of Beaufort by Union Troops in 1862, this property was owned by Margaret G. Milne, who also owned a plantation on Port Royal Island called Springfield or Spring Hill containing 400 acres. After the war, the site was purchased by John Conant of Bangor, Maine, who had served as a captain in the 8th Regiment of Maine. He tore down a small building on the site that had been used as a barracks during the war and built this house. His wife Elvira and his only daughter, Lucy, moved to Beaufort to make their home and Conant opened an ice house. Several times each year vessels came down from Maine bringing huge cakes of ice packed in sawdust. In December 1925, Mrs. P. E. Bellamy converted the house into a nine-room tourist inn and it operated in this capacity until the mid-1950s. Facing demolition in recent years, the house was purchased and completely rehabilitated. It has since served as an antique shop and offices. In 1997, the property was acquired by the Beaufort Chamber of Commerce for use as offices and a visitors’ center.

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