My Family's Favorite Spots in Beaufort

I hear people ask me all the time, “What is there to do in Beaufort?” I will admit that for some locals, the town of Beaufort, SC, isn’t as “hopping” as some towns- until recreation time hits. My family usually has a few spots we try to focus on.

Hunting Island Beach and Lighthouse

As a native to Beaufort, I guess I am a bit spoiled in that I have been able to visit the beach for my entire life. But I hardly ever take it for granted. My wife is originally from Indiana, and there are few places that are less close to the ocean… So we both enjoy time in the sun and surf at Hunting Island. When we were a new couple, we visited the beach several times a week to swim, take walks or collect shells. Now that we have a small herd of children, we find that we enjoy the beach just as much as ever, and our kids revel in the sand and waves. It is one of the few places where we don’t have to ask our kids to stay quiet, and we don’t mind if they get super dirty either. This is definitely my favorite spot for recreation in Beaufort.

The Sands Port Royal

A little closer to the beaten path, we sometimes visit the Sands for a stroll on the boardwalk. This spot has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the area, and you will almost always find someone fishing or crabbing. The Sands beach is a fun alternative to Hunting Island’s beach, but there are more sharp oyster shells. This is also one of the best areas to find shark teeth which is always a boon for the kids.

The Waterfront Park (Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park)

For staying dry, I enjoy everything the Downtown Beaufort Waterfront Park has to offer (other than the parking meters). The kids always have fun on the playground, and my wife and I relish the chance to enjoy a swing while looking over the water. If we are hungry, thirsty or have a sweet tooth, there are also several great shops and restaurants nearby.

Broad River Fishing Pier

I love to fish even though I seldom get an opportunity to drop a line in the water with such a busy schedule. The Broad River Fishing Pier is the best pier in the area in my opinion, and I have seen some monstrous creatures hauled up from the water of the Broad River. The facility went through a substantial upgrade over the past few years, and now there are permanent restrooms, lighting and plenty of parking.

So if you are looking for something to do in Beaufort, SC, this weekend, consider one of the local destinations above. I am a bit biased having children, but even before we had children, my wife and I enjoyed these places. Comment below and let me know what your favorite spots are and why.