Pet Friendly City of Beaufort, SC

WDina Goldman with her pets at Waterfront Parkaterfront Park is the Best Doggone Park in Beaufort

On any given day one can walk through the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park and spot numerous owners with their beloved pets in tow.  As a dog owner myself, it is very important to know that there are places in Beaufort that welcome the four-legged members of the family.  For many people, dogs are not just pets; they are like children to the owners.

One of the things that make Waterfront Park so special to Beaufortonian’s, is the fact that their pets are welcome, not just in the park but most of the surrounding businesses as well.  Dina and Neil Goldman make the trip to the park on a regular basis just to visit the park and shop in the local shops with their loving dogs, Thurman 4 months old), and Mickey (6 years).

Both dogs are members of the Spinone breed.  Mickey is named after Mickey Mantle whereas Thurman’s namesake is Thurman Munson.  According to Neil, both dogs are “huge baseball fans!”  Mickey is a certified therapy dog and Thurman is still in training.

The Goldman Family in Waterfront ParkWhen asked why they drive approximately 20 miles so often with their pets, Neil explained that “the whole town is pet friendly, from the park to the public.”  The Goldman’s feel free to walk both of their large breed dogs through all of the shops in the downtown area.  Many of the shops even have water bowls and treats available to all of the dogs who enter their store.

The Goldman’s are in town today with their dogs to meet with their children and grandchildren; they will all be eating lunch under the covered deck at Q on the Bay.

The Waterfront Park is not the only local business to open their doors to your pets.  Bruster’s Ice Cream of Beaufort offers free Doggie Sundaes to customers who bring their dogs to the store located on Robert Smalls Parkway.  What better way is there to celebrate the dog days of summer than by bringing “Fido” in for an ice cream treat?

Customer with her dog at Bruster'sIf your pooch is missing the sweet tooth required for ice cream, no problem.  Hunting Island Park and Beach is also dog friendly.  Your dog would love running on the beach and playing in the water.

As with all pet friendly locations, the only thing asked is that the owners be responsible and clean up after their animals.

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