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Striped Bass

STRIPED BASS (Morone saxatilis ) OTHER NAMES: Striper, Rock Bass RANGE: The St. Mary’s and St. Johns Rivers of the North3ast Florida coast, and also the Panhandle from Pensacola Bay to the Ochlockanee River. HABITAT: In the Pahandle, Stripes are caught from lakes Woodruff and Talquin and from bays, especially Pensacola, Choctawhatchee and West Bays. […]


SOUTHERN STINGRAY (Dasyatis americana) OTHER NAMES: Stingaree, Raya RANGE: Commonly coastal, but Stingrays are also represented on and around coral reefs and even in the open sea. HABITAT: Most species forage on soft bottom, particularly flats and shorelines. DESCRIPTION: Several species are included under this collective name. They are dark colored and stand out vividly […]

Spotted Seatrout

SPOTTED SEATROUT (Cynoscion nebulosus) OTHER NAMES: Trout, Speckled Trout, Speck streamlined body, grayish back and silvery sides with numerous black spots on the upper sides and dorsal and tail fins. 1 or 2 canine teeth are usually found on the upper jaw. Mouth is often yellow-orange inside. RANGE: All Florida coasts. HABITAT: Spotted Seatrout can […]


SPOT (Leiostomus xanthurus) OTHER NAMES: Spotted Croaker, Mizzouki Croaker RANGE: Common on Atlantic Coast, except south of Palm Beach County. Also found in lesser numbers along most of the Gulf Coast. HABITAT: Very common in the surf, also bays and inlets. DESCRIPTION: Easily distinguished from other Croakers and similar panfish by its forked tail and […]

Speckled Hind

SPECKLED HIND (Epinephelus drummondhayi) OTHER NAMES: Kitty Mitchell, Calico Grouper RANGE: Both coasts of Florida, but most often caught in the KeysÐand this is probably because of heavy fishing around well-known seamounts or “humps,” particularly off the Keys towns of Marathon and Islamorada. HABITAT: An occasional small specimen is caught by bottom-fishing in perhaps 200 […]

Spanish Mackerel

SPANISH MACKEREL (Scomberomorus maculatus) OTHER NAMES: Sierra Long and slim body, has tiny finlets along top and bottom between dorsal fin and tail. More colorful than King, with golden-yellow spots Pectoral fin is smooth. RANGE: All Florida coasts, Cuba and Hispaniola; not present in most Caribbean Islands or the Bahamas. HABITAT: Largely coastal, but roams […]

Skipjack Tuna

SKIPJACK TUNA (Katsuwonus pelamis) OTHER NAMES: Oceanic Bonito, Arctic Bonito, Striped Tuna, Watermelon RANGE: All Florida coasts, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. HABITAT: The deep sea. DESCRIPTION: Horizontal stripes on lower half of body distinguishes it from others of its clan. SIZE: Common at 2-10 pounds; often exceeds 15 pounds. World record 45 pounds, 4 […]

Red Porgy

RED PORGY (Pagrus pagrus) OTHER NAMES: Guerito RANGE: Offshore depths of Florida and the Bahamas. HABITAT: Dropoffs in at least 200 feet; also far deeper. DESCRIPTION: Light, reddish silver overall, with pinkish tail. SIZE: Averages 2-10 pounds; may reach 20 or more. World record 17 pounds. FOOD VALUE: Excellent. GAME QUALITIES: Not much, considering gear […]

Silver Perch

SILVER PERCH (Bairdiella chrysoura) OTHER NAMES: Yellowtail, Sugar Trout, Silver Trout RANGE: Inshore waters, mostly in the upper half of Florida. Seems to be more plentiful on the Gulf Coast, especially the Panhandle and Big Bend areas. HABITAT: Abundant in coastal rivers and streams during the winterÐsometimes schooling so thickly that catches could be made […]

Sheep Head

SHEEPSHEAD (Archosargus probatocephalus) OTHER NAMES: Convict Fish Bait-stealer RANGE: All Florida salt waters. HABITAT: Areas of rocky bottom, from far up coastal creeks and rivers, to well offshore. Loves dock and bridge pilings, artificial reefs and any other structure that wears barnacles and/or harbors crabs. Forages for crustaceans, at times, on shallow soft-bottom flats in […]