Sleeping on a Park Swing

As a student at USCB, I found myself between classes with time to kill. Instead of sitting at a booth in the unfriendly and unaccommodating student lounge area or reading in the library,  I would often find myself walking a few blocks to the Henry C Chambers Waterfront Park.

The Waterfront Park is almost always buzzing with activity from people playing with their kids, taking their dog for a walk or enjoying the local restaurants. I felt that these diversions all seemed well and good for everyone else, but what really beckoned me was the park swings. The morning breeze coming off  the Beaufort River served to keep the bugs away and allowed me to relax and enjoy my surroundings.

Oftentimes I would study or complete homework between classes, but from time to time I would close my eyes and lie back. The bright sunshine illuminated the back of my eyelids and warmed my face as a I listened to the muffled conversations of other people enjoying the park. The occasional grackle, sparrow, or mockingbird would announce their delight, and the warm river air would blow past my ears and dampen all the other noise.

More often than not I would catch myself nodding off for several minutes before I had to collect my things and head back to my next class. The trip back to class always lacked the anticipation of the walk to the park, but I knew that if the weather was good, I would find myself there again soon.

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