Why South Carolina Girls are the Best in the World

1520691_10202462683160882_1628875813_nSouth Carolina Girls are the Best in the World- that goes without saying right?


Still, we couldn’t resist bragging a bit! How many of these southern virtues do you notice in your friends and loved ones? We would love to expand this list, so comment below with more reasons why SC Girls are the Best in the World.


1) South Carolina Girls Are Not Afraid to Get Dirty

A Sunday evening in the South may include a game of football after supper, and being competitive, a South Carolina Girl will not disappoint. Yes, she can throw a pass like the guys, and if she’s a hunter, she will get up early on a Saturday morning to sit in the deer stand.

Furthermore, she won’t turn up her nose when there’s work to be done outdoors. She will have the prettiest garden in the neighborhood, so flowers will be planted and those porches will be swept.

2) South Carolina Girls Take Pride in Hospitality

Southern hospitality is not an old-timey stereotype- it’s a practice that never dies! South Carolina women will practically fight to be the one hosting a party, and before you finish the first bite of food, we will have a serving spoon full of “seconds” ready to go on your plate.

Did you have just one glass of wine too many? That’s perfect, let me just fix you up with the spare bedroom!

3) South Carolina Girls Are Independent

Yes, we love our roots, but nowadays there’s more to being a Southern Belle than just finding a great husband. Now, it’s all about having fun at college (around here in Beaufort SC, there’s only two choices- Clemson or USC) or finding another way to achieve all that life has to offer. Southern girls know how to take care of themselves.

4) South Carolina Girls Have the Best Accent

There is nothing “friendlier” than a Southern accent! A phone call is answered with a “Hey, dar-lin’,” and every conversation is peppered with verbs like “lovin’,” “runnin’,” “hopin’” and “cookin’.” Even criticism from a Southern woman sounds like a compliment because of her sweet accent.  “Bless your heart” is a southern phrase we use with a little sarcasm.

5) South Carolina Girls Love Family

“Mama” is like a best friend, and we can’t go more than a day without calling for some advice. If a South Carolina Girl goes through any kind of romantic trouble, she will call her mama, aunt, sisters, and any number of female cousins to come and sympathize. Any time a gentleman comes calling, he will have to excuse “daddy” because he will be sitting on the porch, cleaning his shotgun.

6) South Carolina Girls Can’t Resist Tradition

Of course the tradition which is nearest and dearest to a girl’s heart is Her Wedding Day. Dresses are white and trimmed in lace, and flowers are abundant. “Mama” makes all the administrative decisions, and “Daddy” gives the bride away.

No matter how modern we have become, the sight of a Christmas tree makes us swoon. Those twinkling lights, stories by the fire, cozy sweaters… Holidays mean gathering with family, catching up with friends and big, delicious meals! On Thanksgiving, meals are taken in the formal dining room where everyone takes a moment to bow their heads and pray before digging in.

A South Carolina girl will always offer to bring her best dish, and the host will tell her, “No dear, just bring yourself.”

7) South Carolina Girls Have the Best Style

We have already established that South Carolina Girls love the outdoors, so you will find them wearing jeans, tall boots and maybe camouflage. When out on the river, it’s sunglasses, boat shoes, Guy Harvey T-shirts and bikinis.

We tend to be a little overdressed in January because that is the hardest part of winter, and most of us do not appreciate the cold! We go all out in the summer though- brightly colored sun dresses, flip flops, braided hair and the perfect mani-pedi.

Let’s not forget cowboy boots- they go with everything- even your wedding dress!


Photos courtesy of Nichole Grabenbauer, Blue Line Betties.

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