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Top Activities To Do in Beaufort To Wrap Up The Summer

Beaufort is one of South Carolina’s coastal sea islands and is best known for its antebellum mansions and historic destinations. It’s known as a small city arts destination and the local area provides opportunities for water sports and boating. Southern Living calls it an inland coastal gem as it’s just a stone’s throw away from […]

Poisonous Snakes and Spiders in Beaufort South Carolina

I was visiting with a friend in Beaufort, South Carolina over the weekend when he received a phone call from his colleague.  He was supposed to go repair his pick-up; however, due to the fellow being struck on the hand by a rattle snake, repairs on the vehicle were put on hold. This little incident, though […]

Wally’s Spanish Mackerel

Ingredients 6 FILLETS (can substitute Spade Fish, Flounder, etc.) Lemon Juice Salt and Pepper to taste Paprika 1 cup flour seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, and basil ¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (do not substitute, as other cooking oils do not impart the same flavor.) Preparation Lay fish out on a platter and sprinkle […]

Cobwebs…or Spanish Moss?

The Edward Means house, (604 Pinckney Street in the Old Point Neighborhood) was built in the mid-1850’s by Franklin Talbird, and its finery includes fancy interior woodwork, marble mantels, and an extraordinary floating spiral staircase. During the Civil War, it was used as Union Hospital number 2. A war correspondent for the New York Daily […]

No-see-ums: Scourge of Beaufort

You are enjoying a warm and sunny Saturday morning watching your child’s game on the bleachers when you are swarmed by tiny, hungry little gnats. The bites leave white swollen dots surrounded by irritated red skin. Sand gnats are blood-sucking insects that live in sandy and moist areas like we have here on the marshy […]

Beaufort’s Wild Marsh Ponies: Before and After Human Intervention

BOL Exclusive Follow-Up with Susan Trogdon: Knowing the passion that my best friend and I have for paddling and wildlife, someone asked if I had ever seen Beaufort’s wild marsh ponies. We did our research and kayaked the difficult waters in hopes of seeing them. Our first trip was early last year, and as we got closer, […]

Visit the Parris Island Museum

Ooh-rah! Two of the best things about Beaufort, SC, our history & our military, come together in one place: the Parris Island Museum is located at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island in Beaufort, SC.  Exhibits feature the “long and honored history and traditions of the Marine Corps.” Admission is free, and the hours are […]

Haint Blue Ceilings

By Bonnie Drew |  Haint blue is the pale blue color you will often see on the porch ceilings in historic Beaufort. “Haint” is the Gullah pronunciation for “haunt,” or spirit. Caught between life and death, these frustrated spirits would find a dwelling to haunt if not for one weakness: they cannot cross water. Tricked […]